Thursday, April 16, 2009

PDA Comparison: iPaq 2790 and iPaq 212

Since its release in 2005, the IPAQ 2790 has been one of the most popular PDA units utilised in the field of Mobile GIS. In late 2007 the IPAQ 200 series was released, which has reverted to a style similar to that of previous IPAQ versions such as the IPAQ 4700 series.

Below is a table summarising the differences between the respective units. Some users are still opting for the proven 2790 over the 212 model, but the slight improvements in the 212 specifications and the fact that the 212 is the newer product generally tips the balance in its favour.


Brendan said...

Hi Michael, a good comparison there! My organisation has been using the 2790 for the last couple of years, and we love it. We have been looking at the 212, but it doesn't seem as strong. Have you had any bad experiences?

Michael said...

Hi Brendan,
The iPaq 212 has some strong points over the 2790 model, in relation to its larger screen size (4 inch against 3.5 inch) and battery size (2200 mAh against 1440 mAh).
We have had no negative feedback in regards to the 212 units, and from early signs it looks like that they will be just as popular as the 2790 has been.