Friday, April 24, 2009

ArcPad 8 Released in Australia

ArcPad 8 has been released in Australia as of Monday 20th April.

A bonus for users is that you can still choose between Version 7.1.1 and Version 8 for their ArcPad purchases.

The inclusion of ArcPad Studio (the development framework to customize ArcPad) as standard with ArcPad 8 licences is good news to budding developers out there. For a list of 'Whats new in ArcPad 8', see:


Brendan said...

I am really interested in doing some ArcPad customisation, but am finding it a bit hard to get started. Can you give me any pointers?

Luke said...

There are quite a few good reference sites on the web that should help you to get started.
The ArcPad user discussion forums ( contain a whole range of topics, including customisation.
You could also try searching ArcScripts ( This site contains scripts that people have written and posted on the web for free download. It is a great place to start, as you have sample, working code to modify to suit your own purpose.