Friday, March 6, 2009

RIA Mobile GIS Expands Training Courses

RIA Mobile GIS now offers an expanded range of Training Courses.

These courses are designed to assist organisations and users achieve the most from their Field Project. The courses are designed to encompass both the Field and Office (Desktop) components of a field based project as well as cover the integration between these components.

The Mobile/Field based courses are:

  • Using ArcPad - 1 day course providing a functional overview and hands on experience using ArcPad and associated hardware.
  • ArcPad Application Builder - 1 day course providing a functional overview of how ArcPad Studio can be used to customise ArcPad and extend its’ capabilities.

RIA Mobile GIS is an ESRI accredited trainer authorised to provide ArcPad training courses. We are the developers of the ArcPad and ArcPad Application Builder courses run throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Desktop/Office based courses are:

  • Introduction to ArcGIS - 2 day robust course providing a conceptual overview and hands-on experience using ArcGIS Desktop software.
  • Using GeoDatabases - 1 day course providing an overview and hands-on experience using the ArcGIS GeoDatabase format.

All Courses are offered as either Standard Scheduled Courses, or Client Requested Onsite Courses.

Please note that our training options will be further expanded, updated and refined over the coming months with the impending release of ArcPad 8, which is due out shortly.

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