Monday, March 16, 2009

Mobile GIS Image Capture

There are a number of different hardware options to choose between for image capture within your Mobile GIS System. The competing priorities of specifications, cost and usability are balanced to determine the choice made by the user. Here is a table listing some of the typical units used for Mobile GIS applications and their respective camera specifications:

IPAQ 612c Business Messenger
· Reasonably priced non-rugged unit with PDA/GPS/Phone, suited to users requiring an all inclusive device.
· Typical applications include
Asset Management: recording and monitoring assets in urban streetscapes

TDS Nomad 800LC*
· Rugged (IP67 rating) all inclusive PDA/GPS/Camera unit with long battery life, suited for tough outdoor environments
· Typical applications include
Asset Management: street/pavement inspection, maintenance and repairs
Environmental Monitoring: Tree inventories, pest control, weed management

* Now also available in the 800XC model, which includes all the 800LC specifications in addition to GPRS and 2GB Flash Storage. Contact RIA Mobile GIS for more information.

RICOH Caplio 500SEW Camera
· Rugged (IP67 rating), stand alone camera that can be utilised for a wide range of applications. BT/WiFi included, allowing easy connection to your Mobile GIS System and transfer of images in the field. RICOH clip on GPS module or Digital compass/GPS module also available. Includes CALS mode which has default settings where captured images are suitable to be submitted for official public works.
· Typical applications include
Asset management: Construction/Engineering firms recording images of defects
Insurance Companies: Image records for insurance claims

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Luke said...

I have one of the Nomads with camera and can take photo layers, can take photos associated with points in a shape file but cannot get ArcMap to display the photo. It's file name is in the attribute table but no pics. I would like to have the pic display when you do an info click on the point. Any suggestions?