Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ArcPad Tips & Tricks #1: Layer Icons

Did you know that you can set icons for your layers. These will appear in the Table of Contents and the Edit drop down menu, making it easier to differentiate between your layers.

For shapefiles, all you need to do is copy a .ico file, with the same base name as the shapefile, into the same directory. So, for example, if your shapefile is Roads.shp, name you .ico file Roads.ico.

The process is a bit more complicated with AXF files. You need to open up the axf in Application Builder, right click the layer and select "Set Layer Icon". You can clear the icon by selecting "Clear Layer Icon".

A good selection of sample icons can be found in C:\Program Files\ArcPad 7.1\Samples\Layer Icons. If you want to make your own, a good program is IcoFX. Your icons need to be 4bit 16x16 images.

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