Thursday, December 4, 2008

Transferring photos from Ricoh cameras via BT

So that no one else has to stoop as low as I did and have to read the user manual, here is how you set up the Ricoh / iPaq to give the option to transfer photos via BT immediately after it has been taken.

Make sure BT is switched on on the iPaq

Configure the iPaq to receive the images

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings (Start -> settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth)
  2. Switch to the Services tab
  3. Select File Transfer
  4. Turn off “Authorization Required” and “Authetication (Passkey) required”
  5. Hit Advanced, and specify the folder to store the images to

Enable QuickSend on the Ricoh

  1. Press the [Menu OK] button
  2. On page 3 of the EXP SET page, change the quick send method to “1TOUCH”

Establish a BT connection between the Ricoh and the iPaq

  1. Press the [Menu OK] button
  2. Go to page 2 of the EXP SET page
  3. Select BT SERIAL, then click Right
  4. Click [ADJ] to search for devices in range
  5. Select your iPaq and press [MENU OK]
  6. Exit out of the menu – you should see the BT icon on the display

Send a photo to the iPaq

  1. Take a photo
  2. Hit the PLAY button
  3. Press [MENU OK] button, and switch to the 2nd page of the PLBK STGS menu
  4. Click RIGHT on the FILE SEND option
  5. Select your device
  6. Click SEND ONE

You will see a dialog on your iPAq confirming that you want to accept the image From now on you get the option to send the image when the quick review is displayed after an image is taken

  1. Click [OK MENU] during the quick review to send the image
  2. You will need to confirm the transfer from the iPaq also

Note that you can get the ricoh to establish the BT connection when it starts up by selecting [BT AUTO CONN] on the 2nd page of the EXP SET menu.

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