Monday, August 16, 2010

ArcPad Check Out Problems

When you check data out for use in ArcPad, the AXF file that gets generated is stamped with the source Geodatabase. This means that when you go to check that data back in, the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcMap and the ArcPad Geoprocessing tools know where the data needs to be uploaded to.

This works really well, because you do not need to place the AXF back in to the same folder that it was checked out to (as you did with previous versions of ArcPad that used shapefiles). The drawback to this is however, when the source workspace is moved: ArcPad has no way of knowing where to put the field edited data.

The simplest way of finding where the Geodatabase should be, is to load the AXF into the ArcPad Data Manager in ArcMap. The source workspace is listed on the form:

If this workspace has a really long path however, you will not be able to see the full path. The other way to find the source workspace is to view the AXF Transaction Log that is stored within the AXF (in the AXF_Properties table). To do this:
  1. Open the AXF in Studio
  2. Start a command window
  3. Copy the SQL statement below, paste it into the window and execute it.

You will see a whole lot of text, which at first may just look like it is in Swahili or some other foreign language, but if you look closely, it is actually XML. The first tag that you will see is CHECKOUT. The third attribute of this tag is 'workspace': the value of this attribute is the source Geodatabase that the AXF was originally generated from.

This is the location that you will need to move the Geodatabase to (temporarily) to allow you to check the data back in.

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