Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mobile GIS Trend 1 - Other OS's

Although historically evolving from a number of operating platforms, with the inception of ArcGIS, ESRI has predominantly focused on supporting the Microsoft Windows environment for their Desktop and Mobile products.

With regards to the Mobile GIS arena Windows is the dominate OS for Laptops, UMPC's and Netbook's, and Windows Mobile/CE is the dominant OS for PDA's and Rugged Handheld devices.

ESRI has this side of the market covered with it's existing ArcPad and ArcGIS Mobile offerings.

The mobile area in which Windows is lacking behind the competition is the Smartphone market. In this sector Windows has actually lost market share, whilst in comparison both Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android OS have substantially increased their market share.

ESRI is now aiming at solutions to cover both these platforms with mobile product offerings:

ArcGIS for iOS

  • The ArcGIS for iOS Application is a free application that can be downloaded from iTunes. It allows you to share maps from ArcGIS Online, and use tools to search, measure, identify and query data. (At a later stage it will also include a range of other functions).
  • The ArcGIS API for iOS enables iOS developers to build custom applications that leverage of the capabilities of ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS for Android

Over the coming months it is going to be interesting to watch the uptake of the new Windows Phone 7 OS to see if this again alters the Smartphone market. There are some interesting times ahead.

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