Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remote Display for Windows Mobile

When using Windows Mobile Devices it can sometimes be extremely useful to display, and view, the Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) screen from your PC or Laptop.

Currently there are 2 alternate applications, that we're aware of, which provide you with this functionality:
  1. Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys - This is a suite of tools designed to assist with the development and testing on a Windows Mobile device. Please note that the Power Tools are NOT a Microsoft Supported Product.
  2. MyMobiler - Is a freeware application designed for Windows Mobile remote display.

Please ensure that you follow all instructions when setting up and using either of these applications.

RIA Mobile GIS cannot be held responsible for any damages, or issues, resulting from the implementation and/or use of these applications.


pierre said...

There's another - but not free - great way for this: SOTI Pocket Controller Pro... (

Chris said...

Pierre thanks for the note. Yes, offers a range of tools, that you can purchase, to control your mobile devices.