Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Field Naming Tips #2

Another tip when naming fields in a feature class, for use with ArcPad: Avoid using SQLCE reserved words.
You will find that if you do use any of these words, you will not be able to check any features in. When you select the AXF from the ArcPad Data Manager Toolbar, it will correctly list the number of features that you have created in the field (in the summary section), but then when you try to check it in, it says there are no edits in the selected layer. Unfortunately there are no error messages displayed telling you why the check in failed. I have lodged another request with ESRI, so we will see how we go in the future.
The complete list of SQLCE reserved words can be found here.


macropneuma said...

Your link to the MSDN reserved words web-page is broken, it is simply that http was typed twice to making httphttp...



Luke said...

Thanks Jase, I have updated the link. Hope you found it helpful!