Monday, June 22, 2009

Setting TDS/Trimble Nomad GPS for SOG & COG

By default some TDS/Trimble Nomad GPS's are not configured for Speed Over Ground (SOG) and Course Over Ground (COG).
The internal TDS/Timble Nomad GPS's can however be configured to transmit this information.

SirfTech is a small Windows Mobile application that can be used to access and configure the SiRF GPS's to transmit this information.

The steps to configure the TDS/Trimble Nomad SiRF GPS's to transmit SOG & COG as part of the NMEA string are:

  1. Download the SirfTech application, install SirfTech on the TDS/Trimble Nomad, and run the application.
  2. From the main SirfTech menu bar, select the 'SiRF' menu and select 'Switch to NMEA Protocol'.

  3. Ensure that the following are set - Baudrate: 9600, GLL: 1, VTG: 1 & RMC: 1. Click 'Set' and then 'OK'.

  4. Now select 'Com' from the SirfTech menu bar.
  5. Check that the number under the 'Messages NMEA' is increasing. Click 'OK'.

  6. Exit the application to finish.
Please take extreme care when using the SirfTech application. The application can be used to configure practically all the SiRF GPS settings.
RIA Mobile GIS cannot accept responsibility should users use the application to alter other GPS settings.

RIA Mobile GIS have only reviewed the application for the purpose of setting and configuring the Nomad devices for SOG & COG.
SirfTech is not a free application, if you find it useful please make a donation to the developer.

It should be noted that several months ago MapTel published a blog article detailing how to use the SatViewer application to configure the GPS to transmit this information. Since this article was published, RIA Mobile GIS have however discovered that on some Nomad devices the SatViewer application changes the GPS Protocol to the SiRF Protocol, even though the SatViewer indicates that the Protocol is still set to NMEA.
The SirfTech application appears to set the settings correctly.

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