Thursday, November 13, 2008

.GPX - GPS eXchange Format

The GPS eXchange Format is an XML based file format used to describe GPS data. GPX data can be seamlessly transferred between GPS’s and applications that support the format.

Further information about the GPX format can be found at:

The GPX format is supported by a range of applications, including:

GPS eXchange Format and ArcGIS

A range of third party applications, including those listed above, can be used to convert .GPX files either directly to shapefiles (or GeoDatabase feature classes in the case of FME), or to a text format which can then be converted and loaded.

In ArcGIS ArcMap:

Within ArcGIS the .GPX format is supported using the Safe FME ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension. Information about the formats supported is available from both Safe Software and ESRI.

The ArcPhoto Extension, which can be downloaded from the ESRI ArcScripts site, includes support for the upload of GPX Data, from a GeoProcessing Model. Further information can be accessed from ESRI ArcScripts, and search for either 'GPX' or 'ArcPhoto'.

In ArcGIS Explorer:

ArcGIS Explorer has native support for the import of .GPX data from the Tools > Import Menu.

Furthermore, a custom task, the GPS Data Manager, can be accessed and downloaded from the ESRI ArcScripts site enables the upload of GPX Data. Further information can be accessed from ESRI ArcScripts, and search for 'GPX'.

In ArcPad:

Within ArcPad .GPX data converted to Shapefile format, or data that has been checked out into AXF format, can both be utilised.

Usually ArcPad is configured to communicate directly with a GPS receiver. The data is streamed using a specific GPS Protocol and the spatial features are captured using the GPS location from within ArcPad. Features are stored in either a Shapefile or AXF feature class, and can be synced (checked in) and converted from within ArcGIS.

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